Simon Warner Goes to the Weird, Weird West in Revenant Moon

My wonderful readers, it’s time I told you something. Book Two of the Warner Grimoire is now available on Amazon. I had meant to make this announcement sooner, but my wife and I had another major release, so to speak. Our daughter was born just a few weeks ago, so everything and anything not immediately baby related was shifted into lower priority.

Now, I am triple-blessed. First, with my amazing wife, and now with my daughter, who despite her tiny fingers has a powerhouse grip on my heart. And finally, my wonderful writing career has brought me to a point where I can proudly tell you that Simon’s adventure now continues.

If you’ve been waiting to start Simon’s story, the first book, Bad Apple, is available for free on Amazon.

And because I know some people love the “jacket” copy, I am More >


Announcing the Warner Grimoire Beta Reader Program

It’s no secret that I’m continuing work on The Warner Grimoire. Anyone who picked up Bad Apple was treated to a sneak preview of the second book, titled Revenant Moon. Well, as with any book, there comes a time when a pre-release needs to be cycled through a group of willing readers for feedback. So what does that mean, exactly?


It’s pretty simple. Revenant Moon is nearly complete, and that means a readable pre-release copy is going to be available *very* soon. Now, the book is still some months from its official release, so what does that mean?


That’s right. Pre-release copies of Revenant Moon are top secret! Only a handful of potential readers will have the opportunity to read and provide feedback on Revenant Moon. Think of the More >


Trick or Treat! It’s a free ebook giveaway



BAD APPLE takes place right around Halloween, so it’s only appropriate to give people the chance to grab a free copy. Maybe this will even start a tradition. Did I mention it’s currently #19 in the Sword and Sorcery category?

Also, just today Freebooksy has said, “BAD APPLE is a great blend of paranormal, horror, and fantasy.” And that’s pretty awesome. So come on, get you a copy!

Nighttime Tales: Volume 1 is also available for your digital bookshelf for free, if you so desire. It’s currently #79 in the Short Stories category, and that’s pretty awesome too. Get it here.

And if you have gotten these before, and you liked them, would you consider leaving a review on Amazon’s page for the book? Reviews are an incredibly helpful way for me to reach new readers, and every little bit More >


Bad Apple free for the start of Autumn 2013!

Friends and readers, good morning to you! Autumn has begun, and to celebrate, Bad Apple is free from now through the 24th of September. It spiked up to #1 on a few Best Sellers charts this weekend, so be sure to grab a copy and see what all the fuss is about!



Beyond that, there is more news Ye Olde Writing Pit, which I will be delivering details on later this week. So, keep an eye open!

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Bad Apple Ebook

A small treat for the long weekend.

What up Radical Readers,

It’s a long weekend, and it’s long overdue that I do something most-excellent for you. Since I had the benefit of some extra time this week, I decided to put a chunk of that time into polishing up a little treat of sorts–a downloadable package of wallpapers and other various goodies based around Bad Apple. I’m even throwing in a supplementary short story that revolves around Luke Briar, the puckish bad boy (and fan favorite) who torments Simon on his quest to save his adoptive father. I’ve labeled the whole shebang the Freemancer Welcome Kit, because at its core, this goodie bag is about making sure you feel welcome in the Warnerverse, and having the goodies to prove it.

I’ve made it available in both epub and PDF format. Why would I be so accommodating like that? More >


Enter to win a free autographed paperback of Bad Apple!

As promised, I wanted to do something nice and neat for everyone to celebrate the arrival of the paperback edition of Bad Apple. Well, the UPS guy has been by, and now I have a big box of books to give away! So, here is a nice, easy little giveaway of THREE autographed copies of Bad Apple in paperback. It’s super easy to enter, and no purchase of anything is required. Just click below and enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners will be announced in 30 days. You may enter multiple times, in that you can earn multiple entrees to the drawing.

Thank you all for your continued support of my fiction adventure. I look forward to rewarding my awesome readers!


Bad Apple now available in Paperback!

I asked you, my readers, what you wanted, and your response was overwhelming. You love ebooks, but you still love the feel of a physical book. The feel of the cover. That fresh ink smell. The weight of it in your hands. You spoke, and I listened. It’s here at last.

Now you can place Bad Apple on the shelf next to all your beloved books, next to Katniss, Bella, or yes, even Harry. No DRM. No batteries required. And it’s compatible with every reader

At 396 print pages (yet only 1.1 lbs), Bad Apple is professionally bound to the same level of quality you expect from any paperback, and best of all, it’s available now. It’s ready for your real-world shelf, and at a lower price than a ticket to the movie with popcorn.

It’s everything you’ve wanted. And now, every way you want it.

Get the More >

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